Saturday, May 18, 2024

Adele opens up about her painful skin condition

Singer Adele has opened up about the uncomfortable skin condition she is battling before hinting that another body transformation could be on the way.

The mega star singer told fans that she sweated so much in her Spanx underwear that she now suffers with severe acne, reports

The painful problem hasn’t impacted her performance after telling the world suffered from “jock itch” – before regretting her TMI announcement. We could be seeing a brand new Adele look in the months ahead after saying she has started weight lifting.

She told the Ceasar’s Palace crowd in Vegas: “Do you know what my doctor gave me? It is a bit crude, I never knew it existed. Me and my team were talking about it earlier. Obviously when I do my shows I wear Spanx to keep it all in and make it all fit me. I sweat a lot and it doesn’t go anywhere. So basically I just sit in my own sweat. And my doctor gave me Jock Itch cream.”

She further mentioned: “Sounds like I am a big (Denver) Nuggets fan there doesn’t it? Jock Itch that is what it is called right? “So it looks like I am an athlete so I have to squirt it on myself. I don’t know why the f*** I just told you that.”

As per, Adele then went on to say she’s been hitting the gym – and she is clearly feeling pumped.

“Talking of body acne I have started weight lifting again, like no-one’s business,” she went on. “I am absolutely loving it.”



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