Adequate arrangements for wheat procurement: Khattar


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Sunday said adequate arrangements have been made for wheat procurement.

The Chief Minister told the media in Karnal that all farmers have been registered on the portal for bringing their wheat crop to the procurement centres.

He said because of the moisture in wheat, there is a delay in the arrival of the crop, though the government has started the procurement of wheat from April 1.

Noting farmers do face difficulty in the first one or two days of procurement, he said that now after holding talks with the Deputy Commissioner, the purchase schedule would be made as per the requirement of the farmers.

Crops of those farmers whose crops are harvested early would also be procured without a schedule.

Farmers need not worry, as every grain of their crop will be purchased, Khattar said.

The Chief Minister wrote an open letter to the people of Anwali village, urging them to maintain social harmony. In the letter, he also strongly advised people not to indulge in politics on social issues.

Responding to a question regarding the letter, he said that he has written the letter to the people of the village about his visit to the village when he had said that some people are doing politics, while the state government intends to maintain social harmony and the spirit of brotherhood.

Such people who are unnecessarily doing politics should refrain from doing so, otherwise they will have to bear the consequences, he added.