‘Adequate stock of vaccine to address lumpy virus in Gujarat’

The Gujarat government has adequate stock of goat pox vaccine to inoculate bovine animals infected with lumpy virus, Director of the Animal and Husbandry department Dr Falguni Thakar said on Friday.

“Lumpy virus has roots from capripox virus seen in goats. So the vaccine administered to goats is now administered to bovine animals infected with lumpy virus. The animal husbandry field offices have 7,07,496 doses of the vaccine.”

Refuting rumours about shortage of vaccines in the state, the director said that she too has heard the audio clips between two veterinary doctors of the city. Both the doctors, she said, are on contract at the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation.

In Jamnagar city, till Thursday evening, as many as 8,130 cattle were vaccinated, and district office has 12,200 vaccines stock, which means that there is no shortage of vaccines firmly said the officer.

On Thursday evening, Congress MLA from Bhanvad constituency of the Jamnagar district Vikram Madam had released an audio clip, which contained a conversation between two doctors, in which a doctor is advising others to administer saline injection.

Senior doctor could also be heard saying that if there is no stock one can’t do anything, it should look like a vaccination drive is on.




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