Adhik Mehta: “I wish to play the hero and I’m waiting for this opportunity”

Actor Adhik Mehta has become a household name due to his appearance in the popular award winning TV show, ‘Anupamaa’.

The actor spoke to TOI about how acting was his childhood dream and how excited he is now because he is living his dream.

Speaking about it to TOI, Adhik said, “I was sure to become an actor since my childhood. I still remember how much I used to adore Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. I was clear that I too want to act. And by God’s grace I’m living my dream. I’m happy the way my acting journey is growing. Like anyone in this profession desires to act for a titular character, so do I! I wish to play the hero, and I’m waiting for such an opportunity.”

For the unversed, currently in ‘Anupamaa’ Adhik is essaying the role of a grey character called Adhik Kapadia. He is Anuj’s (actor Gaurav Khanna) nephew and Anupamaa’s daughter Pakhi’s love interest.

The titular character of ‘Anupamaa’ is being played by actor Rupali Ganguly, who before this was best known as Monisha Sarabhai in television’s hit sitcom, ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’. Her daughter Pakhi’s role on the show is played by Muskaan Bamne.

Adhik, who before this was also in the show, ‘Choti Sarrdaarni’ feels that the massive popularity of ‘Anupamaa’ among TV viewers will help him achieve better success.

He said, “I’m lucky to have this opportunity to be one of the important parts of the show. The show has come to me as a blessing. And interestingly my onscreen and real name are Adhik. As the show is popular among the audience, I’m sure it will be a great milestone in my acting career. I’m really happy about it.”



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