Adnan Khan: High time to unite against plastic pollution


The ongoing month is being observed as Plastic Free July, and actor Adnan Khan says people should unite in the fight against plastic pollution.

“Plastic pollution is a problem that the whole world is facing today. Collectively, we need to take quick action and say no to plastic. It is a fact we are aware of that plastic waste does not degrade at a sustainable rate. The more we continue to make, the more waste continues to build up. When plastic waste does not get disposed of properly it ends up in the environment, which causes devastating impact,” Adnan tells IANS.

The actor reveals that he has already quit purchasing plastic stuff.

“Plastic is really cheap and durable and these are the two factors that make it one of the most used material. The way plastic has made a place in every sphere of our living, it is really hard to think of a plastic-less life. But its high time to say ‘no’. We need to be responsible. I have already stopped buying bottled water and using plastic bags and straws,” says Adnan, who was last seen in the TV drama “Ishq Subhan Allah”.