Adopting new parenting approach is the need of the hour: Sisodia


Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday said that adopting new parenting approach is the need of the hour for emotional well-being of our children, especially in times of the pandemic situation, when various social interactions for the children has stopped.

Sisodia asserted that in times of the grave Covid crisis, parenting is the key to children who have been locked up at the home with their families.

“A new normal has emerged and our old ways of parenting will not work. Our children who used to have many social interactions are now at home, they are unable to go to school or meet their friends,” the Deputy CM said at a webinar organised on the occasion of Global Parents Day.

Sisodia, who is also the Education Minister in the AAP-led Delhi government, said that in India, approaches to parenting are still very archaic.

“Our ways of parenting need to change, we need to adopt approaches that will deal with the challenges of our current times,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shelja Sen and Amit Sen, who also participated in webinar as experts on children’s mental health, gave various suggestions on parenting in times of crisis.

They said that while everybody has been affected due to Covid-19, children have suffered the most. It is imperative that parents change their ways of thinking and adopt novel practices to parenting. Parents need to understand the minds of their children and actively listen to their children.

The experts further said that parents should organise mindfulness, meditation, yoga and stress-buster activities at home with children.