Advance booking on re-allocated Jet slots for 3 more months

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New Delhi, Aug 20 (IANS) The Central government has extended the cap of three months on forward ticket bookings for flights operated on Jet Airway’s airport time slots that have been re-allocated to other airlines.

According to informed sources, the re-allocation of slots on a temporary basis has been extended till December 31 from September 30.

In April, the temporary suspension of Jet Airways’ operations had created a capacity crunch in the domestic sector. Consequently, 280 slots in Mumbai and over 160 in Delhi were left vacant.

Jet Airways on April 17 announced temporary suspension of all flight services as it failed to secure interim funding from lenders to maintain even bare minimum operations.

Currently, Jet is under the NCLT process, under which a committee of creditors has invited EoI from potential bidders.

If a bid is approved by a majority of CoC members, only then the resolution can move ahead. A formal concurrence from the NCLT will be, though, required.



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