Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) to streamline traffic on Madurai-Kanyakumari highway

Aiming to enhance operational efficiency and road safety, advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) have been installed at a highway stretch connecting Madurai to Kanyakumari.

The Video Incident Detection System (VIDS), one of the critical components of ATMS, has smart network cameras installed every 250 meters, making the 52.3-km stretch the densest one in the country.

In addition, the network’s pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras are also equipped with night vision and zoom-in zoom-out capabilities to patrol the highway stretches.

The combination of VIDS and PTZ installed on both stretches tracks speed violations, lane closures, and other incidents on the road.

This will significantly improve the road users’ ease and experience with smooth and uninterrupted traffic flow, and enhanced road safety.

The Vehicle Actuated Speed Displays (VASDs) are placed at locations with restricted highway geometry, and straight sections to monitor the speed of the vehicles.

Madurai Kanyakumari Tollway and Kanyakumari Etturvattum Tollway, the first two parts of four contiguous stretches of NH-7 connecting Madurai to Kanyakumari operated by Cube Highways, inaugurated ATMS at Sattur.

The ATMS will cover two consecutive stretches of a total of 116.5 km of NH-7, connecting major cities like Madurai and Tirunelveli. ATMS commissioned on the stretch is integrated with the densest installation of intelligent network cameras — a Video Incident Detection System (VIDS).

The Control Center of ATMS was inaugurated by Vibhav Mittal, Regional Officer, NHAI, Madurai.

Vibhav Mittal, said: “ATMS implemented by Cube Highways will make a huge difference to road safety across the country. These tools and technologies for highway management will help in reducing accidents on the highways. I applaud Cube Highways for introducing this system over and above NHAI’s requirements and making additional efforts to ensure that the best technologies are nestled. This installation will set an example for other highway concessionaires and agencies maintaining the highways.”

Hari Kishan Reddy, CEO of Cube Advisors, re-asserted the organisation’s commitment to improving and advancing highways in India.

He said: “We are on a mission to make India’s highways safer, more convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly. This is the first installation in the country, and the first stretch of around 52 km has the densest camera system in India on any national highway.”

With variable message sign boards (VMS), ATMS provides real-time information and guidance to road users about vehicle speed, wind speed, road temperature, weather conditions such as precipitation and visibility on the road, said officials.




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