Advocate’s murder: Bar Council asks UP lawyers to withdraw strike


The Bar Council of India (BCI) on Wednesday directed the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh to withdraw their strike in protest against the killing of an advocate inside the premises of the Shahjahanpur civil court on Monday.

While strongly condemning the incident and expressing its deep anguish at the brutal incident, the BCI said it will take up the matter to the Supreme Court and at all other forums needed in order to have a fair, impartial, and immediate investigation into the incident.

However, even in times of such distress, it is reminded that abstinence/strike or boycott will not solve the problem, the BCI said.

Highlighting the professionalism and the responsibilities of lawyers, the bar body said the common man comes to advocates in the hope that the lawyers will be able to get them justice when all doors are closed for them.

There should not be interference in the judicial and court work, it said.

The lawyer’s body urged for a mechanism all over the country especially in Uttar Pradesh to prevent the entry of any person with firearms inside court premises and all possible entry and exit points to the court premises should be manned and guarded properly.

It said that the claim for compensation, for the deceased brother of the advocate, shall be supported by BCI.

A lawyer, Bhupendra Pratap Singh was shot dead inside the Shahjahanpur civil court on Monday.

The incident took place on the third floor of the court and the lawyer was shot dead by a country-made firearm.

The Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh on Monday announced that lawyers across the state will abstain from work on Wednesday in protest against the brutal murder.