Aeroflot will be banned from the UK


United Kingdom Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson outlining the latest sanctions against Russia, said Ukrainians are offering a “fierce defence” and called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “bloodstained aggressor”, BBC reported.

He announced that all major Russian banks will face a full UK asset freeze.

The PM also promises legislation next week to stop large Russian companies raising finance or debt on UK markets.

Johnson says there will be limits on the amount Russians can deposit in UK banks, with asset freezes extended to nearly 100 more people.

Airline Aeroflot will be banned from the UK, he says, while there will be “stringent export controls” for technology sold to Russia, BBC reported.

Similar measures will be imposed on Belarus, the PM said.

“Oligarchs in London will have nowhere to hide,” he added.

The UK will work with allies to target Russian finances, Boris Johnson told the House of Commons.

Russia’s shares are falling fast, with the rouble plummeting to record lows against the dollar, he said.

The PM then promises to counter “the Kremlin’s blizzard of lies and disinformation”.

NATO’s defences must be strengthened and the leaders of member nations will meet on Friday, he adds.



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