Afghan forces recapture 2 districts

Afghan security forces in an overnight counter-offensive ecaptured two districts in the northern Takhar province, an army spokesman said on Monday.

“The security forces launched the counter-offensive in Khawja Ghar and Bangi districts and have regained control of them, forcing the insurgents to flee,” the spokesman told Xinhua news agency.

Without providing more details, the official said the government forces are in control of both the restive districts.

The Taliban militants have overrun a number of districts in Takhar and have been mounting pressure on the provincial capital Taluqan city.

Afghanistan is witnessing an increase in security incidents as the Taliban outfit has intensified their activities since the start of the US-led forces pull out on May 1.

The militant outfit has claimed capturing more than 40 districts over the past one month.

According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, five districts have been overrun by the militant group just over the past one week.

Security officials, without confirming the fall of districts, said “the government forces have made tactical retreat” and would soon launch counter-attacks to regain the districts.