Afghan forces recapture district in Badakhshan

Afghan forces regained control of Kuran-wa-Muntaj district in Badakhshan province on Tuesday after days of fierce fighting, forcing the Taliban militants to retreat, an army officer said.

“After launching a counter-offensive, the militants fled leaving six bodies behind. The security forces after evicting the Taliban militants from Kuran-wa-Munjan district today morning have established law and order,” the officer told Xinhua news agency.

Five militants have been injured and clean-up operations are underway in the district and its surrounding area , the official added.

It was the second district that has been recaptured by the government forces in Badakhshan province over the past week.

Earlier government forces recaptured Yaftal-e-Payan district, according to local officials.

The official said the security forces would continue to evict the militants from all the districts held by the Taliban group.