Afghan govt offers ‘share in power’ to Taliban

The Afghan government has offered the Taliban a share in power so long as the rising violence in the country comes to a halt, Al Jazeera reported on Thursday, citing a government source.

The proposal was delivered through Qatar, the host of Afghan peace talks, according to the source.

In another development, the head of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), Abdullah Abdullah, presented to the members of Troika-plus the scheme of Afghan government for winding up the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Abdullah said the Afghan government is committed to end the ongoing conflicts through negotiations.

The head of HCNR was addressing the representatives of the US, China, Pakistan and Russia in the Troika-plus meeting held in Doha on Wednesday evening.

Abdullah further added that the major powers of the world along with the Afghans want an independent and united Afghanistan which is free of terrorism.

He also accused the Taliban of being indifferent to the peace negotiations which has led to a stalemate in intra-Afghan talks.