Afghan police arrest 3 over robbery, drug trafficking in Kabul

The police in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul have most recently arrested three persons on the charge of involvement in criminal activities, including robbery, mobile snatching and drug trafficking, a police official said on Sunday.

Chief of Kabul’s Police District 5, Qayumullah Badri, told reporters that the arrests were made on Saturday.

In the operations, police also seized arms and ammunition from the possession of the arrested men, Xinhua news agency reported.

The weapons included a Kalashnikov rifle and two pistols, he said.

In similar crackdowns in the country’s western Herat province over the past month, Afghan police seized a huge quantity of arms and ammunition, which included nine hand grenades, eight Kalashnikovs, and five pistols, while arresting 13 persons over illegal possession of arms and ammunition, according to Afghan media reports.




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