Afghanistan claims envoy’s daughter kidnapped, tortured in Islamabad

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that investigations have revealed that the daughter of the country’s Ambassador to Pakistan had been abducted and then tortured physically and mentally in Islamabad.

According to the Ministry, medical reports and relevant pieces of evidence have indicated that Silsila Alikhel was manhandled and then tortured on July 17.

Ambassador Najib Alikhel had filed a petition over his daughter’s abduction in the Pakistani capital.

The Ministry further said that based on medical reports and other pieces of evidence a crime of this type can never be justified and the Pakistani government is obliged to provide diplomats and their family members security based on international conventions.

It reiterated that the Pakistan government must expedite its investigations and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Afghanistan is set to send a delegation to Pakistan to conduct a joint investigation on the case and share relevant information and evidence.

The Ministry’s claims come after Pakistan Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid had termed the incident a drama and said it was a huge conspiracy hatched against Islamabad.