Afghanistan to sell defaulters property to buy power

De Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the country’s electricity utility, has decided to sell the estate of its debtors so that they pay nearly $62 million bills of the power to the Central Asian nations.

As per the decision, DABAS plans to sell the houses of former officials and politicians who did not pay the bills of electricity for years and consumed a large amount of electricity, Khaama Press reported.

The acting head of DABAS, Safiullah Ahamdzai said that they will implement the plan and will pay off all the debts in order to prevent cutting electricity by exporting countries.

Ahmadzai said that they have talked with the exporting countries and they were assured about the electricity not be cut for the time being.

The decision is taken after reports over the cutting of electricity by the Central Asian countries as the winter season is approaching.

Afghanistan is an importing country of electricity that imports 80 per cent of the power from Iran, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan and the rest is being produced internally.