‘Afghanistan wants friendly ties with international community’

Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting Foreign Minister of the newly-formed Taliban government in Afghanistan, said that the country wants to have friendly relations with the international community, including the neighbouring and regional nations.

“The Islamic Emirate wants to have friendly relations with the international community and co-exist with all the nations including the neighbouring states. This is our message,” Xinhua news agency quoted Muttaqi as saying while addressing a ceremony in Kabul on Thursday.

Muttaqi also said that Afghanistan will not be used against any country and the new administration will not allow anyone to use Afghan soil against anyone.

“A peaceful and stable Afghanistan is for the benefit of the neighbouring states, the region and the world at large,” he said.

He however, noted that exerting pressure on Afghanistan will not benefit anyone.

After taking over Kabul on August 15, the Taliban announced a caretaker government on September 7.

Muttaqi also called on Afghans to unite and rebuild the country including its economy with goodwill, brotherhood and unity.

Also addressing the ceremony, acting Minister of Commerce and Industries Nurudin Azizi vowed to spare no effort in boosting trade relations with the countries and stabilising economy.

“In consultations and cooperation with concerned entities, economic experts and businessmen would do our best to stabilise the country’s economy, alleviate poverty and build a self-sufficient Afghanistan,” said Azizi.