Afghans stage 2nd protest against Pakistan in Delhi

Afghan nationals living in India have been opposing the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan since August 15. Afghan residents in south Delhi’s Chanakyapuri area on Tuesday afternoon staged a massive protest against Pakistan for the second time this week, demanding that it stop meddling in Afghanistan’s affairs. Earlier, on September 10 also, Afghan citizens had staged a protest against Pakistan.

According to them, Taliban is nothing without the tacit support of Pakistan which has helped in breeding them. Taliban does not represent the Afghan people but is controlled by Pakistan. If a Taliban terrorist dies, Pakistan’s identity proof is recovered from his pocket.

Mustafa Ansari, an Afghan national living in Delhi for the last five years, told IANS, “We are staging protests against Pakistan because it is interfering in our country’s national affairs and lending its support to the Taliban.”

“We haven’t received any help till now, the world knows that Pakistan conducted air strikes in the Panjshir province of Afghanistan and it does not have the jurisdiction to interfere in a foreign country’s national issues.”

He said the situation in Afghanistan is not good. After speaking to our family members in Afghanistan, we came to know that they are not able to go outside their home. We have already experienced the horror under the control of Taliban.

On August 15, the Taliban had captured the entire Afghanistan except the Panjshir valley. Although, a few days later the Taliban claimed that it had captured the Panjshir valley as well.

Another Afghan citizen protesting against Pakistan told IANS, “After the fall of the democratic Afghan government, a new Taliban government has come to power that is why we are protesting. Innocent civilians are being killed as well as continuous attacks are being carried out in the Panjshir valley.

On September 7 after capturing Panjshir valley, the Taliban announced an interim government in Afghanistan. However, Afghan nationals living in India are angry over the new Taliban government controlling Afghanistan and have launched protests.