After 2nd attack, Pitbull owners in Lucknow want to abandon them

After the second attack by a Pitbull on a youth this week, several owners of this dog breed in Lucknow in have contacted municipal officials saying that they want to abandon their pets canines.

“People are now terrified of keeping Pitbulls after these two incidents, especially those that have children at home. The problem is that we do not have the infrastructure needed to take care of so many Pitbulls,” said an official.

Harish Chandra Tiwari, who owns a Pitbull, said that though they loved their three-year-old dog, they were now wary of keeping it.

“I have two grand-children who play with the dog. You never know when the Pitbull turns violent. Cases of Pitbull attacks are coming in from various places. I have spoken to people who may be keen to adopt the dog but no one is willing. I want my dog to be taken care of and cannot abandon him on the roads,” he said.

A municipal official said that when a Pitbull mauled his 82-year-old owner to death in July, more than eight people had offered to adopt the dog but the scenario had changed now.

“After attacks in Meerut, Noida and Lucknow, people no longer prefer to adopt a Pitbull. In fact, they want to abandon their pet if he happens to be a Pitbull,” he said.

Similar reports are coming in from Noida where at least five to six Pitbulls were left by their owners outside an NGO.




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