After living in a toilet, Kerala woman to lead a good life

Forty five-year-old Muruga who was living in a toilet for an year after her small house collapsed and her adopted daughter and her husband deserted her, on Thursday got the news that she will be taken care of, after the intervention of Electricity Minister K. Krishnankutty.

Muruga hails from Palakkad district.

This incident was reported on a TV channel here on Thursday morning and seeing the news, Krishnankutty, who belongs to the Janata Dal (S) and hails from the same district spoke to the district authorities and to his party men.

“I will see her travails are over forever. She will get proper treatment and also a proper dwelling place,” said the Minister.

Soon the local village council officials also arrived at her ‘toilet’ and the secretary said she will be first taken to the hospital for treatment and then she will be moved to a good place.

Muruga after suffering an accident moves around with the help of a walker and survived so far with people living nearby providing her food.

“I am now very happy that my travails are over as people have come to me seeing my troubled life. I am really thankful to everybody,” said Muruga.

Meanwhile the youth wing of the JD (S) has also come forward and has promised to build her a small house.