After Meta’s COO, another top executive to depart soon

Following the announcement that Sheryl Sandberg will step down as Meta’s COO later this year, the company is losing another executive as part of a reorganisation of its artificial intelligence (AI) group.

The company said that Jerome Pesenti, Meta’s VP of AI, will depart in mid-June after helping it through the early stages of the AI transition.

“We are grateful for the incredible work Jerome has done over the past over four years in building, leading, and scaling a world-class AI function for Meta,” the company said in a blogpost.

“In the new model we will distribute the ownership of these AI systems back to Meta’s product groups,” it added.

To continue advancing both the AI technology and community, Meta said it will also convene a new cross-functional AI leadership team led by Joelle.

“This group will be called upon to evaluate our progress in AI across the entire company. At our scale nothing comes easily,” the company said.

“More centralised approaches run into their limits when the last mile proves to be too far for downstream teams to close the gap,” it added.

With this new team structure, Meta said it is excited to push the boundaries of what AI can do and use it to create new features and products for billions of people.




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