After Nitish loses cool again, RJD MLA pose as doctor in Assembly

A day after Nitish Kumar attacked Rashtriya Janata Dal MLC Subodh Rai in the Legislative Council, party MLA Mukesh Raushan posed as doctor on Tuesday with stethoscope and Blood Pressure (BP) meter in the Vidhan Sabha to register his protest.

When reporters asked Raushan about his getup, the MLA said: “Our chief minister frequently loosing cool these days. Hence, I am carrying stethoscope and blood pressure meter to check his BP when he becomes aggressive.”

Nitish Kumar lost his cool on Monday after Subodh Rai interrupted Rural Development Minister Jayant Raj during question hour in Bihar LC.

Nitish Kumar aggressively directed Rai to sit down and not interrupt anyone until question and supplementary questions of a legislator were completed.

Kumar also asked Rai to learn the guidelines of the House and then ask question. If a legislator is asking a question and supplementary questions, then let the concern minister answer the question. Till the time, other legislators should not interrupt the house.

Nitish Kumar lost his cool on Monday after RJD MLC Mohamad Farukh asked questions on bad roads of Bihar and Jayant Raj was answering it. In supplementary question, when Farrukh asked again, Rai also stood up from the seat and asked Raj a supplementary question in a bid to support his party colleague.