After offering to quit, Rajasthan Sports Minister now takes U-turn

In a U-turn, Rajasthan Sports Minister Ashok Chandna, who had offered to resign, said he will abide by “whatever decision” Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot takes and termed the latter as the “guardian” of the Congress party in the state.

Following a meeting with Gehlot on Friday evening, Chandna took to Twitter in which he said “there was a meaningful and lengthy discussion on all subjects with the Chief Minister”.

He added that Gehlot is the “guardian of the Congress family” in Rajasthan, and whatever decisions the Chief Minister takes will be correct.

Chandna further said that the Congress is “unified and mobilised for Mission 2023”.

The meeting took place at the Chief Minister’s residence at around 7 p.m. and Chandna left without talking to the media.

Earlier on Friday, Chandna in a tweet had offered his resignation to the Chief Minister and said, “free me from this reckless post,(Zalalat bhare pad se mukt karen)”.

But Gehlot downplayed the resignation, saying that Chandna might have resigned under pressure.




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