After viral video of driving car in Rajkot dam, Gujarat Police arrests youth

The Gujarat Police arrested a youth and were looking for two more after a video of them doing dangerous car stunts in the Nyari dam here went viral.

The video, which went viral on July 12, has the youths riding a Thar Jeep do stunts downstream of the Nyari dam.

Shivbhadrasinh Gohil, a Rajkot Police Constable in his complaint stated that a video clip was uploaded on Instagram handle SATURANA77, which is of Satyajitsinh Zala.

Zala in his police statement, said, “On July 11th, I along with friends Ravi Vekariya, Smit Sakhiya, Chayanshu Sagpariya had gone to Nyari dam in friend Arjunsinh Jadeja’s Thar jeep to enjoy the rains.”

He further stated, “Because of good rains in dam’s upper stream, there was water flow in the downstream, when Smit decided to drive in waters on one end of the dam, where the water level was low, when smit was driving, Chayanshu and Ravi stood on both sides of footstep and drove the car in deep water, i was recording the video of the stunt. Which i have uploaded on my instagram account.”

Rajkot police have arrested Chayanshu Sagpariya with the car and are now looking for Ravi and Smit, who have gone underground since the complaint was lodged on Thursday evening, said the police constable.




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