New Delhi, April 21 (IANS) “TablighiJamaat and violence are antitheses to each other,” said Maulana Saad Kandhalvi while speaking to IANS in a global exclusive interview, breaking his silence after being targeted for the Markaz fiasco in mid March.

Talking about the allegations that many overseas Jamaat members have been alleged to be involved in terror activities, Maulana Saad said that the “Tabligh Jamaat movement, which has millions of followers, cannot organise itself without scrutiny from agencies.”

“If we had anything to do with terrorism, authorities would have acted swiftly and ensured timely investigation. Tabligh and violence are antitheses of each other,” he said.

Maulana Saad said, “Firstly, this question is misplaced, and second you are doubting the capability of our security agencies. We have a history of around hundred years behind us and agencies across the world know the work we are doing.”

The Maulana, who is the chief of the Markaz, said that the volunteers don’t even participate in any political or civil movement.

“The Jamaat strives to follow the example of the Prophet and our message is of compassion for all humanity,” he said.

Lashing out at the media, he said that “security agencies are fully aware of this reality and respect the Markaz for its untainted reputation. Papers and media can report whatever they want.”

“We have always cooperated with the agencies whenever they have asked for any assistance, that’s been our approach to dealing with issues. Writers and commentators are free to hold their views, but I believe history will generously acknowledge our contribution to the moral upliftment of the society,” said Maulana Saad.




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