Agitators dodge Gaya police, set passenger train on fire


While police was busy securing premises of Gaya Junction, the agitators up in arms against the new armed forces recruitment scheme ‘Agnipath’ set a a coach of Kiul-Gaya passenger train afire at the suburban Paimar railway station on Friday.

Gaya police, in expectation of violence, deployed a large number of policemen at Gaya Junction.

Gaya’s Superintendent of Police, City, Rakesh Kumar, announced in the morning that the police will take stringent action against protestors who were involved in arson.

However, the agitators dodged Gaya police and targeted another train which was standing at Paimar station, 20 km away from Gaya Junction.

Paimar station linesman Dev Nandan Prasad said: “We saw smoke coming out from coach number 4 of the Kiul-Gaya passenger train. It arrived at the railway station at 6.45 a.m. After a few minutes, another passenger train arrived at the station from the Gaya side. After the stoppage of 2 minutes at Paimar railway station, that train was headed towards Kiul. When the passenger train left, we saw smoke coming out of the coach of Kiul-Gaya passenger.”

“We have not seen any person setting the fire the train but we believe that the agitators may have come from the other passenger train and set a coach of Kiul-Gaya passenger train on fire,” he added.



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