Agra Metro will be most environment-friendly: MD

On the eve of World Environment Day, Kumar Keshav, Managing Director of Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation, said that Agra Metro will be a most environmental-friendly mode of transport in the future.

He said that UP Metro has always been committed to conserving the environment, and that has been the top most priority of the organisation.

During the execution of the Agra Metro Rail Project, several steps had been taken for environmental conservation. Keshav said for smooth and safe traffic management, safety marshals have been deployed at the project site.

To minimise dust and dirt on the road caused by vehicles crossing the construction site, an automatic wheel washing plant has been installed at Agra Metro Rail Project’s casting yard. The machine is fitted with nozzles which clean the wheels of the vehicles going out from the casting yard. Further, in order to mitigate the impact of debris and dust particles suspended in the air, constant use of anti-smog guns is made at all sites.

Throughout the project, measures like transplantation of trees in stead of cutting them wherever possible is being promoted. The process of transplantation has already begun at Taj Mahal Metro Station.

Metro officials said that the trains which will be used in the project will be energy efficient and will be equipped with regenerative breaking system. This means that they will utilise their energy from the braking system back into their system. For every 1000 units of energy used, 450 units of energy will be regenerated. Lifts inside the metro stations will also be equipped with this system.




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