Ahed of commissioning in 2022, IAC Vikrant sets out for new trials


After two successive high-profile visits, that of the President and Vice President within a span of less than two weeks, indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC) Vikrant is heading out for the next set of sea trials, officials said on Sunday.

The maiden sea trials in August last year were to establish propulsion, navigational suite, and basic operations, and the second, in October-November, witnessed it being put through its paces in terms of various machinery trials and flight trials.

The ship, in fact, was out for 10 days proving its sustenance in the second sortie. Various seamanship evolutions were also successfully cleared during it. Having gained adequate confidence in the ship’s abilities, the IAC now sails to undertake complex manoeuvres to establish specific readings of how it performs in various conditions.

In addition, various sensor suites would also be tested.

On successful completion of a series of progressive sea trials, the ship is scheduled to be commissioned as INS Vikrant later this year, the Defence Ministry said.

The IAC has been a success story on numerous counts, be it Atmanirbhar Bharat, wherein 76 per cent of the equipment is indigenously sourced, or the close engagement between the design teams of the Indian Navy and Cochin Shipyard Ltd, a high-point in the largest and most complex warship ever to be built in the country.

The ship has been able to carry out basic flying operations from its very first sortie, itself a landmark in the history of Indian warship construction.



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