Ahmedabad Police deny AAP claims of search at party office

The police have denied Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) claim that the Gujarat Police carried out any search at its state unit office here.

On Sunday night, AAP national Joint Secretary Isudan Gadhvi tweeted, “Gujarat police carried out searches for two hours in AAP office, but did not find anything.”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal retweeted Gadhvi’s tweet with his quote, “BJP is frightened because AAP is getting tremendous response in Gujarat, there is a wave in favour of AAP, after Delhi, Gujarat AAP office was searched, but nothing will be find.”

AAP state unit president Gopal Italia on Monday morning in a tweet claimed, “Navrangpura Police station staff named Hitesh, Parash and a third unknown person had visited the office.”

Denying all these claims, Ahmedabad city police commissioner Sanjay Srivastava told IANS, “No search was carried out at AAP office.” Srivastav assured to look into Italia’s allegation that the Navrangpura police station team had searched and will get back on it.

The BJP has slammed the AAP and demanded to share CCTV footage of the police search. Party media coordinator Yagnesh Dave told media, “I know, CCTV cameras are installed in AAP office, if the police had carried out a search, it should share the CCTV footage in support of their claims.”




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