Tuesday, July 23, 2024

AI can help in improving success rate of IVF treatment, say doctors

Artificial intelligence (AI) can improve accuracy, timeliness, and monitoring in IVF treatment, thereby improving the success rate.

This was discussed at a conference of the Indian Fertility Society (IFS) here on Sunday.

Dr Geeta Khanna, vice president of the IFS, spoke about the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in IVF treatment and said, “The AI in IVF can help in selecting the best egg and sperm combinations and predicting embryo quality. It can also assist clinicians in tailoring personalized treatment plans for patients to boost success rates.”

Dr Kuldeep Nair, president IFS, said, “Quality of female gametes is linked to factors like follicle size, egg morphology, and other essential characteristics. Similarly, sperm quality is associated with factors such as morphology, concentration, and motility. AI can remove human subjectivity from gamete selection, providing objective assessments.”

Dr Surveen Ghumman, general secretary, IFS, claimed that post-Covid, doctors are noticing a decrease in egg quality as well as quantity in women as young as 27 years of age. In male also, the Covid-19 has caused damage to the sperms.

She said lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid issues, and delayed marriages are common causes of infertility and high-risk pregnancies.



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