AICTE comes up with tips to help dyslexic children


The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has come up with suggestions to help children suffering from dyslexia.

These suggestions will help teachers to handle students with dyslexia or learning disabilities.

AICTE Vice-Chairman Professor MP Poonia said talks are on with various organisations to manage children with a special condition.

Punia said: “First tip is to appreciate these students and not criticise them. Second is such children should not be asked to read out loud in front of the entire class.”

“Thirdly, we also suggest that students who are facing difficulty in learning should not be punished. Fourth is that teachers should not expect a lot of writing work from such kids.”

“Fifth, such students should not be asked to copy the work from the book. Teachers should encourage students to do homework online.”

“The children should be given an environment in which they can understand clearly. Such students should be given a chance to answer orally.”

To spread awareness on dyslexia, the AICTE has included Indumati Rao, Founder and Regional Advisor, CBR Networks, Bangalore; Balendu Sharma Dadich, Director – Localisation and Accessibility, Microsoft and Shefali Gulati, Chief Child Neurology, Delhi AIIMS Paediatrics division.

A webinar focusing on the issue will also be organised soon.

The AICTE wants that society should come forward with a support system to give a cushion to such children, breaking the delusions of incompetence.

AICTE President Anil D. Sahasrabuddhe said social stigma surrounding dyslexia should be broken and it will be possible only with the help of awareness programmes.

“Parents of a dyslexic child need emotional support. AICTE will become the driving force behind this much-appreciated change,” the AICTE President said.