AIFF to conduct FIFA courses for referees and assistant referees

The All India Football Federation (AIFF), in collaboration with international football governing body FIFA, will conduct five FIFA MA Course for the referees, assistant referees, and referee assessors across India, the first of which got underway on August 14.

The online courses are classified into four different parts, catering to the different aspects of officiating the game. The FIFA MA Course for men’s referees will be held between August 14 to 17, while the same for the men’s assistant referees, referee assessors, and women referees & assistant referees will be held on August 19-22, August 26-29, and September 2-5, respectively.

“Generally the FIFA MA Course has been happening every year, but this time we have had to do this virtually due to the pandemic situation,” said Mr. Ravishankar J, referees director, AIFF. “It starts with the amendments that come into effect in July every year. These are explained by the FIFA instructors with videos, and they need to be implemented by every member association (MA) every year.

“More than the amendments, the laws are also refreshed and it helps improve referees’ analyses of incidents, helps them improves their position on the pitch, and helps the referee assessors better assess the performance of the match officials. FIFA has always given us priority when we bid for the FIFA MA Course,” he stated.

A total of 40 referees and as many assistant referees will undertake their respective FIFA MA Courses, with 49 referee assessors taking part in their FIFA MA Course. Meanwhile, a total of 35 female referee and assistant referees will take their respective course.