AirAsia India operates 9 flights with fully vaccinated crew

Passenger carrier AirAsia India has operated nine flights with fully vaccinated crew including cabin crew and pilots.

According to the airline, the flights were operated on Friday.

“The sectors flown by fully vaccinated crew included Bengaluru-Kolkata, Kolkata-Bengaluru, Bengaluru-Chennai, Chennai-Guwahati, Guwahati-Bengaluru, Bengaluru-Pune, Pune-Jaipur, Jaipur-Pune and Pune-Bengaluru,” the airline said in a statement.

“The operating crew members on these sectors are fully vaccinated, having received both doses in line with guidelines from health authorities and after going through all the mandatory tests and certified by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Sangeeta Kujur.”

AirAsia India is a venture between Tata Sons and AirAsia Investment.

It commenced operations on June 12, 2014.