Aircraft spotted flying over Taj Mahal


An aircraft was spotted flying across the high-security no-flying zone of the Taj Mahal on Monday afternoon.

ASI superintending archaeologist (Agra circle) Raj Kumar Patel said that report has been sought from CISF officials in this regard.

He said that there was a report that aircraft passed over one of the minarets but actual position will be clear only after the security personnel submit their report.

“We will act accordingly,” he said.

Though CISF personnel confirmed that aircraft was sighted at 2.50 p.m., they said it was not close to the monument and was on a height.

According to CISF staff, they cannot assess the height and distance of the air craft and Air Force officials can tell the exact details as Air Traffic Control (ATC) is controlled by them.

Despite the Taj airspace being a ‘no-fly zone’, there have been several incidents of drone-flying in the area reported over the last few years.



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