Ajith has high capacity to withstand pain: Director Vinoth on actor’s bike stunt injury


Despite suffering painful injuries while filming a bike scene, actor Ajith turned up for shooting the very next day, turning down an offer by the film unit to postpone shooting for two or three days.

This was disclosed by Vinoth, the director of actor Ajith’s upcoming film ‘Valimai’, during an interview to the website of a regional TV channel.

Recently, the unit of ‘Valimai’ had put out a teaser of the film in which the actor was seen suffering injuries while performing a bike stunt.

Giving out details of what had happened then, the director, in his interview to the channel, said that he thought that the actor’s capacity to bear and withstand pain was high.

Stating that Ajith had gotten used to withstanding pain, the director disclosed that they shot the bike sequence in question from a distance of two kilometres.

On seeing Ajith suffering an accident, the producer of the film, who was present on the occasion, reportedly asked the director to stop shooting and give Ajith rest for two or three days.

However, the director disclosed that Ajith refused the offer and made himself available for shooting the very next night.

Interestingly, the next night, the team had to shoot a bike chasing sequence and therefore Ajith had to wear an attire that had three layers to it.

Ajith, who had suffered raw wounds in the accident, wore the attire on his open flesh and turned up for shooting, the director said.

The film, which has Huma Qureshi playing the female lead, will release for Pongal next year.



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