Akhilesh vows to build ‘New UP’ in open letter

In an open letter addressed to the people of India, Samajwadi Party (SP) President Akhilesh Yadav has appealed for building a “New Uttar Pradesh” and to fulfil the idea of ’22 mein bicycle’ for this.

The SP’s slogan for the 2022 state Assembly polls is ’22 mein bicycle’ – bicycle being the election symbol of the party.

In a two-page letter that will now be distributed during the party’s campaign across the state, Akhilesh pointed out that people are upset over unemployment, inflation and reduced income and are ready for change that will bring new resolve to tackle the situation.

The former Chief Minister also detailed the achievements of his regime and said that the form of governance must also change with changing time.

“The government must not be a ‘shasak’ (ruler) but a ‘sewak’ (server) and should work like a service provider. This year, the Independence Day is more significant because it marks 75 years of Independence. It is the beginning of a new chapter and we are committed to building a new Uttar Pradesh,” he said.

Looking back at his early years, Akhilesh said that he had received his schooling in a military school which inculcated in him a sense of discipline in personal, social and political life.

“This sense of discipline led to our resolve to improve the law-and-order situation and we set up services like Dial 100 and 1090 for women’s security.”

He said that his party’s new slogan was “Nayi hawa hai, Nayi SaPa hai” and appealed to the people to be a part of the change that is awaiting Uttar Pradesh.