Akshay Kumar slams heroes who don’t like multi starrer movies


Akshay Kumar and the rest of the cast of ‘Bachchan Pandey’ are busy making various appearances and media interactions to promote their soon to be released movie which will hit theaters on March 18.

In one such interaction with the media, Akshay Kumar was asked by a journalist what his views were on movies starring 2 or 3 heroes or multi starrer films.

While sharing his views on multi starrer the actor questioned the logic behind other stars refusing to work in multi starrers.

Akshay said that he wouldn’t want to take names but there were a bunch of people in the industry who thought that it’s better to not do two-hero or three-hero films. Akshay said that this kind of thinking always made his scratch his head in confusion as he could never understand why they didn’t want to work in multi starrers. He further added that personally he found it wonderful to work in three-hero, or four-hero or even a five-hero subject – like what they do in multi starrer Hollywood projects.

The actor continued, saying that here in Bollywood, stars are against it and so many times you have to beg and plead and with great difficulty convince actors to star in 2-hero films. He said it always confused him as to why actors refused. At this point, Arshad Warsi who was also part of the interaction, chimed in by saying that it’s probably because they were insecure.

Following this, he was asked why he said yes to multi hero projects, Akshay said, he has agreed because he liked the script. He added, “I want to do it. I want to be part of a good film. I want to be part of a hit film rather than what is my role.

He further said that if it is a three hero film and his role is just about okay but the film is fantastic the n he would definitely want to be a part of it. Because when tomorrow, someone is discussing the movie, they will remember that he was also a part of it. If the movie ends up making, let’s say 300 crores then he would also benefit from it, he said.

Akshay ended it by saying, the math calculation of all those actors refusing 2-3 hero movie projects was all wrong.

Akshay Kumar is known for his solo and multi starrer projects. He is one actor who dabbles in multiple movie genres and keeps himself busy working on multiple movie projects in a year.


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