Akshita Mudgal: Lockdown the reason people moved from TV to OTT

Actress Akshita Mudgal, who is part of the show “Ishk Par Zor Nahi”, says people like watching content on OTT platforms more than TV today. She adds that this is because, during lockdown, there was no fresh content on television and people started moving to OTT platforms for entertainment.

“I feel lockdown was a period where there was no entertainment on television. This is why people moved to OTT platforms to watch shows. OTT platforms were there earlier too, but people started switching because they were getting entertainment there. But on TV, nothing new was there as everything was shut. This is why viewership has increased and people give preference to OTT over TV,” she told IANS.

Talking about being part of the show, Akshita says that she loved it from the word go.

“I found the show very different. My show ended in August last year and I was home for one and a half months. I was auditioning. I got a call for the show and they explained the character to me and what it was about. I loved the show. I had a lot of pointers to take up the show. They took an audition and a look test and my journey with the show began,” she says.

Ask her if love stories are a safe bet on Indian TV, and she says that it all depends on what the audience wants to watch at a particular point of time.

“It is important to understand that we cannot show just about anything in a love story. It all depends on what the audience is liking and the content that they want to view,” she says.