Sunday, April 14, 2024

‘Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza forced to bury dead bodies inside premises’

The Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza on Tuesday said that it was forced to bury the dead bodies of people who died following Israel bombing inside the hospital premises.

The hospital, in a statement, said that the bodies were in a state of decomposition and hence they could not keep it and all the bodies were buried in a mass grave.

The Director of the hospital said that the graves they were digging were small and could not accommodate all the dead.

The hospital authorities said that they had to conduct surgery for emergency cases without anesthesia and without electricity.

They said that the Israel Army has agreed to shift a small number of pre-mature babies out of the hospital following intervention by the International Council of Red Cross.

The hospital authorities said that they wanted a safe evacuation of all the wounded and injured from the hospital.



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