Alankit Imaginations partners with Digital Swiss Gold


Alankit Imaginations Ltd on Wednesday announced its partnership with Digital Swiss Gold (DSG), a modern and innovative digital platform allowing investors to buy and hold physical gold digitally in Switzerland as well as sell and send gold through a mobile app.

The partnership will tap into the over 25 million customer base of Alankit, and enable them to understand as well as invest in high quality Swiss gold digitally. Alankit Imaginations Ltd is subsidiary of Alankit, a financial and digital solutions company.

Digital Swiss Gold provides a hassle-free experience of buying Swiss gold for long-time savings from the comfort of one’s home, with all the benefits of gold as an investment, said a statement by Alankit.

Investors can become a Digital Swiss Gold member by creating an account on the app within minutes and buy Swiss Gold digitally, starting from as little as 1 gram, once they complete the KYC process.

Alankit Lts MD Ankit Agarwal said: “This innovative and technological approach towards gold purchase will make owning gold accessible to all. By partnering with Digital Swiss Gold, Alankit enables various offerings to the customers and helps them to choose the right platform to buy gold in a more simple way.”

Digital Swiss Gold & Gilded Founder &CEO Ashraf Rizvi said: “This association with Alankit will allow us to reach more savvy investors interested in reaping the benefits of store of value, stability and returns that 100 per cent Swiss gold provides without having to worry about insurance, storage, physical handling, difficulty and expense in selling, or validating authenticity.”