Alcoholic monkey in Rae Bareli troubles liquor venders

An alcohol loving monkey in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli district has become a nuisance for liquor vendors.

The monkey that has an alcohol addiction, is known to break into liquor shops and decamp with liquor.

The monkey even snatches liquor bottles from people who buy from these shops.

A video of the monkey guzzling beer has gone viral on the social media.

District Excise Officer Rajendra Pratap Singh said efforts are being made to catch this monkey with the help of the Forest Department.

A liquor shop owner said that the monkey turns aggressive if any attempt is made to prevent it from taking a bottle.

A similar case had been reported from Nawabganj area on the Lucknow-Kanpur road where a monkey was a ‘permanent customer’ at a liquor vend.

The monkey relished chilled beer and often, a customer would buy a bottle of beer for him.

Later, the monkey developed an enlarged liver due to which he died.




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