All coaching institutes in Bihar’s Rohtas to be shut during school time

All coaching centres in Bihar’s Rohtas will be closed during the time schools are operating, the district administration announced on Thursday.

District Magistrate Dharmendra Kumar said that the decision was taken in a bid to increase the attendance in the government schools.

“We have been conducting regular inspections of the school in the last few days and found that some students were coming to the school late. The school timing was 9 a.m. and many students were found coming at 10 and 10.30 a.m. When I enquired from the students, they informed me that they are coming from the coaching classes,” he said.

“Accordingly, we conducted assessment meetings with district education officers and teachers and found that the majority of the coaching institutes are operational adjoining the schools. We were making efforts to enhance the quality of education in the districts but the teachers claimed that as the attendance of the students turned low, their efforts had no meaning.

“Hence, we have decided to shut the coaching institutes during school hours in summer and winter session,” he added.

“As the implementation of the closure is a challenging affair for the district administration, we have given the charge to officials of block (Block Development Officers) to conduct surprise inspections in coaching institutions. Besides them, we will also take feedback from the government teachers about the attendance of students as well as any coaching institute violating the norms we have set for them,” Kumar said.

“There is an impression among parents that quality education does not take place in government schools. We are making efforts to enhance the education standard and quality and also convince parents to send the children to the schools,” Kumar said.

“During inspection, we have found lesser teachers in the schools. When enquired with the District Education Officer, we have learnt that some of the teachers are on deputation in blocks since 2020 Assembly elections. The assembly election has been completed more than 18 months ago, still teachers are on deputation. Hence, we have cancelled the deputation of 57 such teachers and asked them to report to their respective schools,” he added.




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