All investigations unconstitutional, politically motivated, Sisodia writes to LG

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday alleged that that Lt Governor V.K. Saxena is bypassing Delhi’s elected government and ordering ‘illegal and unconstitutional’ investigations.

Sisodia alleged that all investigations ordered by Delhi LG are illegal and unconstitutional.

“Everyday I notice in the newspapers that bypassing the Delhi’s elected government, you order a probe on our working and govt affairs. All these investigations ordered by you are illegal and unconstitutional,” said Deputy CM Sisodia in a letter addressed to the LG.

Sisodia wrote the letter, hours after Lieutenant Governor V.K. Saxena on Thursday ordered a probe into the alleged ‘irregularities and discrepancies’ in the power subsidy given by Delhi govt to consumers.

Sisodia further said in the letter that you don’t have right to give orders in any matter other than land, police, public order and services. “I would like to again underline your rights given in the Constitution to your notice. The elected government of Delhi has been given the right to decide in all matters except Land, Police, Public order and Services. Delhi govt has all the rights whether to act, not to act, stop or investigate in all subjects except these four matters,” Sisodia said in the letter.

You cannot give orders directly to any officer on the subject except these four matters, he said. “It has been observed that the Chief Secretary is being ordered about the decisions of the elected government every day. These orders of yours are politically motivated, illegal, unconstitutional and beyond the purview of the Constitution Bench of the Court laid down for you,” Sisodia alleged.

Therefore, these orders given to the Chief Secretary should be withdrawn. I request that in future you kindly work according to the Constitution, he said further. It is enough to prove that these all investigations are politically motivated as nothing has come out in all those investigation which you ordered till time, the deputy CM stated.




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