All PM Package employees & their kin living in constant fear, says report

A fact-finding report on ‘Unabated Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits’ said that nearly all of the Prime Minister (PM) Package employees and their family members are scared and living in constant fear, and feel that it is a matter of time before they will be targeted and killed.

The report by a three-member fact-finding delegation led by Rahul Kaul, Amit Raina and Vithal Chodwdhary in its findings said that they constantly face taunts directly and indirectly about their religion, their patriotism to India and are held responsible for the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A.

Seeing the revival of 1990 in Kashmir once again and worried about the safety of the Hindu brethren in Kashmir, the fact-finding delegation was nominated by the frontline Kashmiri Pandit organistaions like Panun Kashmir, Roots in Kashmir and Youth 4 Panun Kashmir.

The brief of the committee was to visit the camps of PM Package employees in the Valley, employees serving and families living in the Valley and PM Package employees protesting in Jammu. The committee was also authorised to meet various officials and political workers for a better understanding of the situation.

“The employees feel that they are discriminated by most of their colleagues and seniors. The women and children are forced to wear dress in line with Sharia dress code. They are constantly taunted, eve-teased and even stalked in few cases. Women wearing ‘bindis’ or ‘sindoor’ or marks of Hinduism felt more vulnerable,” the findings of the report said.

The employees currently stationed in Kashmir are not staying out of their own will, most of them are compelled because their children have schools and they don’t want to jeopardise their education, it said.

The findings said that the children are the worst lot. “They have to live within the four walls of the house in case of a rented accommodation or within the transit camp areas, thus impacting their overall psychological health. They feel as if they are in jails and are in constant mental agony. Although not many were open about the same, few children and parents did complain of being discriminated against by the teachers for their religious belief, the findings of the report said.

The fact-finding committee starting November 15, 2022, spent six days across Jammu and Kashmir to meet various sections of people. During these meetings, the revelations were horrible, shocking and scaring. The committee was aghast at the ordeals of the community brethren, the report added.




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