Allahabad HC’s Chief Justice concerned over delayed justice

The Allahabad High Court’s Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal has expressed serious concern over delayed justice.

Justice Bindal, while attending a function in Mathura on Saturday, recalled an incident in which a man refused to take the compensation 25 years after the death of his son in a road accident and asked the court to keep the money.

“Judge sahib, please keep this money with yourself now. I disparately needed it to raise my grandsons and educate them after their father, my son, died, in a road accident 25 years ago. I don’t need the money now because all of them are settled now,” Justice Bindal recalled the man as telling the court.

Delayed relief often turns meaningless,” he added.

He urged the Lok Adalats to settle maximum numbers of disputes.

Justice Bindal also advised banks and LIC to adopt a positive attitude so that maximum cases are settled.




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