Allison Williams wants a sequel to surprise hit ‘M3GAN’

Actress Allison Williams, who plays a roboticist, Gemma in the recently released sci-fi horror film ‘M3GAN’, wants a sequel to the movie.

The 34-year-old actress is shocked by the success of the sci-fi horror flick about a robotic doll that becomes extremely protective of a child and revealed she would love to make a follow-up, reports ‘Female First UK’.

Allison told ‘Variety’: “I love anything that elevates original IP and risky genre-mixing. Not to be weirdly meta and self-deprecating, but I’m not Tom Cruise. It’s not like my face on the poster alone can guarantee a certain amount of opening. The fact that movies like this are going to be seen and enjoyed by audiences just bodes well for others like it, and that is a very exciting version of our industry: one that’s experimental and doesn’t rely on being part of a pre-existing franchise to expect success”.

She further said, quoted by ‘Female First UK’, “While you’re making it, you can’t help but wonder, ‘If we got to make more, what would they be?” So much of what we do is in service of the people who watch it. So I think the idea of people wanting more and being able to deliver is so wonderful”.

“I just feel so grateful that it all has gone the way that it has, from the trailer coming out and people really embracing her, people going out and supporting the movie and seeing it and going back with their friends. The fact that they want more is just so great. It’s gonna be really fun if we get to work on it, to figure out how we can zig and zag around the expectations of what it would be and try to keep things surprising while also delivering on the reasons that people want more in the first place”, she added.

And, after the success of ‘Get Out’ and ‘M3GAN’, Allison is enjoying the horror genre, although she still wants to work on other movies.




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