Allow your babies to cry themselves to sleep – say researchers

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Let your baby cry as much as he or she wants. Let the baby cry until he or she goes to sleep is the advice being given by a team of Australian scientists.

Their research suggests that “etting babies cry themselves to sleep doesn’t cause any emotional, behavioural or parent-child attachment issues that many parents may be worried about.”

Lead researcher Dr. Michael Gradisar said his findings will hopefully reassure parents that this sleep training technique won’t come with any harmful repercussions. “It’s natural for parents to worry about having their babies cry at bedtime,” said Gradisar, a clinical psychologist at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

Dr. Michael Gradisa specializes in treating sleep disorders across the human lifespan – his youngest client is about five months old while his oldest is about 90.

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“Like many sleep techniques … graduated extinction is hard to do. The difference is that infants cannot verbalize what they are experiencing and do not have a choice in whether they do the technique or not. So there is little doubt the technique is stressful at the time,” he told Global News.

Gradisar worked with 43 babies in a randomized control trial. The infants had nighttime sleep problems at the six-month mark. The babies were left to cry it out.

However, letting babies “cry it out” is a theory that has been around since the 1880s doctors and everyone else thought that babies should not be frequently touched for fear ot transmitting infections.

Behaviorist John Watson (1928), was the main champion against overprotecting infants when he was president of the American Psychological Association. He was a propounder of the the mechanistic paradigm of behaviorism to child rearing and was against the concept of over-generous motherly affections, which he said made babies dependent and complaing type of persons in adult life. – CINEWS

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