Always held Punjabi music industry in high regard: Nawazuddin


Nawazuddin Siddiqui is gearing up for his debut in a music video titled ‘Baarish Ki Jaaye’ featuring singer and film actor Sunanda Sharma.

The actor says he has always held the Punjabi music industry in high regard. He finds it fantastic to be making his debut with an industry which is diverse, authentic and rich.

“It’s been my secret yearning since a few years now to feature in a non-film music video but I never chanced upon a project that I found synergies with. I resonated well with the character and narrative that was presented to me by the ‘Baarish Ki Jaaye’ team,” Nawazuddin said.

He added: “I’ve always held the Punjabi music industry in high regard and it’s fantastic to be making my debut with an industry that is so diverse, authentic and rich.”

Nawazuddin said that the growth of the Punjabi music industry over the years has been exponential.

“It would be unfair to refer to it as regional anymore. There was a time when singers used to feature occasionally in a Bollywood track, but I feel now the roles have reversed and actors are now experimenting by being casted in one off music videos because they understand the potentiality of it. Indeed, it’s a progressive time for the music industry,” he added.

The romantic ballad written by Jaani and composed and sung by B. Praak, presents itself as an ode to persons with special needs and a celebration of love beyond disabilities. Inspired by a true-life incident, it subtly navigates around superfluous notions surrounding casteism and disabilities through its narrative.

The music video features Nawazuddin as a charismatic mobster who pursues the admiration of a mentally disabled underprivileged girl essayed by Sunanda.

Talking about his co-star, Nawazuddin said: “Sunanda Sharma is not just a phenomenal singer, but possesses fine acting abilities and it was indeed such a delightful experience.”

Commenting on the single, Sunanda said: “Over the years, I’ve been involved with a lot of charitable outfits, and some of them work with disabled individuals. During the course of my involvement, I was privy to a similar real-life story as portrayed in the track.”

“Each of us has our unique gifts and this is single is a celebration of abilities and knowing that love and affection are not guided by any archetypes. When we look beyond disabilities, persons with special needs can contribute to the society,” she added.

The single is slated to release on March 27.