Always stand for what’s right: G.V. Prakash on theme of new song


Actor and music director G.V. Prakash, who has never hesitated to lend his voice for social causes, seems to have taken a real liking to his just-released song ‘Nagarodi’ from director Vasantabalan’s upcoming Tamil film ‘Jail’.

The song, which speaks about the injustice meted out to poor migrants who are driven to the fringes of the city, and urges them to fight back.

On Sunday, the actor-music director posted pictures with a sweatshirt that had the words ‘Nagarodi’ on them on Instagram and wrote, “Always stand for what is right.”

Incidentally, the song, which has caught the fancy of youngsters, garnered over a million views in just a couple of days.

Prakash, who has also scored the music for ‘Jail’ apart from playing the lead in the film, had said that this was a song of which he would always be proud.

Sources close to the unit of the film say that the song was the result of an inspiration that director Vasantabalan got when he was gasping for breath at a hospital as a result of having been afflicted with Covid-19.

The song, whose lyrics are fiery, deep and meaningful, have been penned by Arivu and is about the poor migrants who live in city slums.

Directed by Vasantabalan, who is known for having made National Award-winning films like ‘Veyil’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Angaadi Theru’, ‘Jail’ features G.V. Prakash Kumar and Abarnathi in the lead.