Aman Gandhi: Working out is not just for weight or muscles but to stay fit & healthy

‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ actor Aman Gandhi is a fitness freak and despite his busy schedule, he makes sure to never miss his workout and tries to maintain a balanced diet. He spoke about how he does this.

Aman said: “I have always believed in maintaining a work-life balance, but it gets very difficult for us to take out time for our personal things with a hectic shoot schedule.”

He added that he never goes to gym alone and is always joined by his co-actor and friend Rohit Suchanti. “Over time Rohit and I have bonded very well and being fitness enthusiasts, we have come a long way. We share our workout routines, diet plans, and some healthy food recipes,” he said.

Aman is known for his roles in ‘Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat’, and ‘Naagin’. He said that it is always fun to workout with a friend or someone sharing the same interest and that is why he and Rohit often train together, even during shoots.

He recalled how while shooting for their show, they took out time and went to the gym together:

“One day while shooting for ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’, we both decided to hit the gym together during our break time as we couldn’t make time for it before or after the shoot. I believe that if you have a workout partner that is from your workplace, it keeps you motivated to follow your regular workout regime.”

According to the actor, for him daily exercises are not just for losing weight but are also important for a healthy body and mind.

“For many people working out is about losing weight or gaining muscles but for me, it is to stay fit and healthy. We both believe in maintaining a regular workout schedule despite the long working hours of our shoot,” he shared.




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